**Hasan Berkay Cagir** _M.Sc. Student in Computer Science_ __University of Freiburg__ hcagir@cs.uni-freiburg.de Education =================================================================== M.Sc. : *University of Freiburg*, Computer Science :
2019 − ongoing B.Sc. : *Ege University*, Computer Engineering :
2015 - 2019 :
*Dissertation Project*: Implementation of a Pseudocode to Java Converter Volunteering =============================================================== + *Linux Summer Camp (2017, 2018)*
Instructed GNU/Linux System Administration (L1) courses. + *Academic Informatics (2018, 2019)*
Instructed various GNU/Linux System Administration (L1, L2.5) courses. Side Projects =================================================================== [Spotify Song Availability Checker](https://spotify.cagir.me) : A tool that mails you when an unavailable Spotify song at : your region becomes available. Source available on GitHub. [eksi2yuz](https://twitter.com/eksi2yuz) : A Twitter bot that posts titles from ekşisözlük which has more than : 200 entries in the "gündem". Source available on GitHub. [song of the hour](https://twitter.com/randomizedsongs) : A Twitter bot that posts random songs from Spotify. Source available on GitHub.